Bespoke services to make your stay the perfect holidays in Spain

If one day you should all want a full Feria or Fiesta with all the trimmings for a special occasion – a flamenco show, roast a whole lamb with aperitifs and desserts, kick back and relax from breakfast through lunch and dinner. Enjoy all the benefits from bar staff to babysitters, but the next day return to self catering and look after yourselves and be left alone, we aim to offer that flexibility.

In addition to spending fantastic holidays in Spain, we have found that the reason our guests come here is mainly to celebrate with their friends and family. Often there is a first class cook or chef amongst them who would like to cook outside in the bar, use the wood oven and BBQ or on our catering oven and have access to high quality produce that we provide. Occasionally they would like a chef to cook for them. Sometimes they like to be entertained and the next day entertain themselves.

Whatever you wish, services are optional.