Good housekeeping & recycling policy

Recycling policy is consistent with the permaculture that exists here.

Everything has a potential use. Our aims are to dispose of as little waste as possible. Food waste goes to the animals. Anything with skins on for the donkeys, salads to the chickens, sheep, and bones to the dog and cat houses. Empty bottles, cans, jars and plastics can be rinsed and left in crates provided for our manager Lawrence to take away on a daily basis for re use. What’s left will be taken to a waste disposal point.

The housekeeper Aider is available for an additional e200 +iva per week. She can come in the mornings for 4 hours a day Monday to Friday. Domestic duties include, making the beds, changing sheets, washing clothes and towels, mopping floors and a general tidy. Although if you would like her to help with additional duties such as baby sitting or helping at meal times. Her hourly rate is e10.
Between families & friends it is an affordable upgrade. Please let us know if you would like to include the housekeeper service when making your booking.