The Farm

The perfect Spanish Farm house to spend your rural holidays

This Spanish farm house is set on a hillside of 40 acres of olive groves off the camino de Marqués and faces South East towards the Serrania de Ronda. The main varietals of olive we grow is Hojiblanca for oil but there is also plenty of mazanilla and picual. In the year 2000 we planted 500 more Hojiblanca for oil production and ran donkeys through them instead of using herbicides and pesticides.

We a grow barley and grapes on the South slopes towards Ronda and produce a small amount Vermouth for private consumption with our grapes.

Down by the brook on the North side that runs in the three seasons outside of summer we are planting hops for beer production. We are producing a type of English Pale Ale, one for breakfast (what used to be called “small beer”) and a stronger one for evenings, the beer is only for private consumption at present but we are taking it for distribution and sale at some stage in the near future.

Although the beer is probably only ever going to remain modest in production, we think we have an edge because the farm is serviced by a deep spring water well which also fills the pool.

Our neighbours include the vineyards of Kieneger whose wines are really very good and you will find their wines will be on sale at the finca. Ronda is now home to some 35 bodegas due to European subsidies.
We felt us Brits know more about beer and leave the wine to the native growers.

This year we will plant sunflowers for oil around the pool and up alongside the driveway.

The hillside consists of home oaks which produce huge acorns that provide a rich diet for our donkeys in winter. Last year we had to change the bloodline and reduce their numbers although the land is in better shape. The donkeys reduced the risk of fires by clearing the brush from between trees and scare foxes from our chickens.

The entire farm is fenced with nobody overlooking it and clients can enjoy a gentle walk following a donkey trail through the hill.

A Spanish farm house plenty of life

Around the farm house we have planted additional citrus, cherry, almonds and walnut trees consistent with the mature trees that have been there for years.

We also take the time to prepare an extensive vegetable garden for clients, rich red sun ripened tomatoes, red and green peppers, onions, aubergines, garlic, lettuces, green beans to mention some. We try to keep things simple but if clients who are coming to stay in summer want something specific grown out of the normal for your arrival, we will endeavour to grow it for you.

We have a enough chickens to support a full house that roam free, although at night tucked up behind wire fences. On the farm the chicken comes first and you will taste the difference in their eggs. There is a small incubator which children love to care for when they hatch.

We also keep sheep which act as eco-lawnmowers on a performance contract.